From customer acquisition to their retention, paper can be more efficient than a digital campaign if performed correctly.

While e-mail inboxes are getting fuller, traditional mailboxes are starting to empty. It's the perfect opportunity to attract readers' attention with a newspaper!

Our customers usually create their own newspaper to tell their story, keep clients up to date or present their product list.

Perfect for 1 to 12 issues per year, a newspaper is ideal to create a long-term link thanks to custom editorial content.

It is very common for companies to use our mail out service. We print their newspapers and ship them directly to a list of recipients.

We provide a secure online tool that allows them to provide their newspaper and a list of addresses.

Depending on the number of issues and the number of copies, we are able to provide a tailor-made service.

We manage to fit within the allocated budget, thanks to economies of scale, custom manufacturing and delivery times by choosing the relevant postal contract.


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