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Newspaper design


Export your file as single pages.

Export the pages in reading order.

Flatten transparencies.

No bleed or trim marks.

10mm margins.

Embeded fonts.

PDF maximum size is 400 Mo.

If possible, use the PDF/X-1a:2001 preset.


Single page exports are different from spread exports (two pages side-by-side). Your PDF should contain every page in the same file.

If your newspaper contains posters, pages will be printed side-by-side automatically.

The pages have to be ordered in reading order.

InDesign export settings:



In order to get a lightweight PDF file, we recommend to apply a lossless compression when exporting your file. Into the 'Compression' tab, select 'JPG Automatic' compression and 'Maximum' image quality.

InDesign export settings:



Digital newspaper printing process needs 10mm white margins on the top, bottom and left/right edge of each page. This margin allows the finishing line to cut the roll of newsprint in precisely the right place.

We can't print newspapers with content in the margins. Make sure to avoid cut lines in your PDF.

InDesign export settings:



To ensure better color rendering, we recommend converting your file to FOGRA39 CMYK profile ISOcoated v2.

This ICC profile allows you to get a preview of the colors you'll get on paper.

InDesign export settings:


Installing an ICC profile:

Windows: Copy the ICC profile to 'C:/windows/system32/spool/drivers/color'

Mac: Copy the ICC profile to '/Bibliothèque/Colorsync/Profiles'

Restart your editing software to make the ICC profile available.


Some transparencies will not print. You should flatten transparencies within your document in order to ensure your PDF printable.

Using the PDF/X-1a:2001 preset is a great way to avoid any issue with transparencies.

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