We help you create and print your newspaper.

We're here to help you create your newspaper with all the tools you need. Create, order and receive your newspapers quickly.
This 8-step documentation takes about 15 minutes to read. You'll learn everything you need to know about newspaper printing!

newspaper printing


PRINTNEWSPAPER allows you to create and order your own newspaper. It's quick and easy!

Our digital printing factory allows you to order real newspapers. Ideal from 1 copy to 1,000+.


In order for us to print your newspaper, you need to check that:

1. You gather all pages into the same PDF file, in reading order.

2. Number of pages is a multiple of 4, between 4 and 48 pages.

3. Page size is right, Tabloid or Broadsheet size depending on your choice.

4. Pages includes a 10mm technical margin.

Download examples of ready-to-print PDFs below.

Tabloid Sample Broadsheet Sample


tabloid newspaper
Page size 260 x 370 mm
Sheet size 520 x 370mm
Finishing Vertical Fold
broadsheet newspaper
Page size 332 x 475 mm
Sheet size 664 x 475mm
Finishing Vertical + Horizontal Fold


10mm white margin on top, bottom and outer edge of each page (left or right).

No inner margin is required for two facing pages.

Create double-page spreads by using the inner margins.

format journal

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CMYK or grey-scale export.

Images between 150dpi and 600dpi.

Balanced images, neither too dark nor too bright.

Avoid large dark areas and low-contrast images.

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Design your newspaper using the software of your choice: InDesign, Canva, Scribus and many others.

The minimum text size we recommend is 7pt to 8pt to ensure they remain readable.

Use pure black for texts. CMYK texts may appear slightly blurry.

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Newspaper templates are available to start designing your newspaper easily.

Check out our library of free templates on Canva and InDesign. Edit your texts, insert your images, customize the layout to create your own newspaper.

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All pages must be compiled into a single PDF file.

Export the pages in reading order.

No bleed or trim marks.

PDF maximum size is 500 Mo.

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Your file is printed without any alteration to ensure you get what you want. We keep the page order, margins and color profile of your file intact.


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