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Very popular, great size for all uses.
Get a real newspaper with full-color, 60gsm paper and tabloid size.
Delivery time 2-5 business days

Full color (Included)

The tabloid format is popular across the press industry. The 60gsm newsprint is both eco-friendly and great to get vivid colors.

Every night we print 80 press titles sold through newsstands. We print your newspapers on the same ink-jet presses. This ensures that you get the same quality as publishers of the major newspapers.

InDesign template

InDesign sources preset with the correct page size.


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Template of a ready-to-print newspaper.

Size 260 x 370 mm
Paper 60 gsm
Colors CMYK
Pages From 4 to 48 pages - Multiple of 4
Finishing Flat
Delivery Within 2-5 business days

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Your newspapers are printed, filmed and packed in hard-backed envelope or boxes.

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