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We print two different sizes. Tabloid is the most popular size, while Broadsheet larger size will be reminiscent of newspapers from the 1900s.

tabloid newspaper

Popular, great size for all uses

From $0.47 tax incl. / copy
broadsheet newspaper

Larger size for bigger impact

From $0.72 tax incl. / copy


Order a real newspaper at an affordable price thanks to digital printing technology, starting from one single copy. Choose between tabloid and broadsheet formats.

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Download ready-to-use newspaper templates.
Customise a template and create your own newspaper with InDesign or Canva!


newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer
newspaper printer


Ink-jet technology

Two ink-jet presses
Two newspaper finishing lines
Up to 7,000 copies per hour
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We have printed newspapers for thousands of clients in 40 different countries
Clubs, companies, schools or even individuals can use newspapers as a differentiated way of communicating

school newspaper
Newspaper for Schools

Print a newspaper to make your assignments stand out or launch your school newspaper.
The affordable price allows you to easily share your artwork.
Read more

corporate newspaper
Corporate Newspaper

Tell your firm's story to your clients and employees.
Newspapers are ideal to create a durable link with custom editorial content.
Read more

associative newspaper
Newspaper for Clubs

Offer a unique hard copy to tell the world what you've done.
There's nothing like a newspaper to keep in touch with all your members.
Read more

event newspaper
Wedding Newspaper

Invite or thank your friends and family with your own wedding newspaper.
The perfect way to tell your story and enjoy these moments again.
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newspaper printing

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We've printed their newspapers.

Dee D.

Absolutely love love love my newspapers. They are excellent quality and exceeded my expectations. I can't wait to mail them out. The delivery was quick and I will definitely use them again for future projects. THANK YOU!!

Olivia G.

Print Newspaper is INCREDIBLE!!! I ordered newspapers for my wedding invitations and they look amazing. I also had a ton of questions and things before ordering, and their customer service was awesome! They were so quick to respond and so kind and helpful! They truly did everything they could to make sure my newspapers turned out how I wanted them to look.

Leeann Z.

All around amazing services. Fast turn around. Deliveries when expected. Customer service is exceptional. I can’t say enough. 1000% satisfaction!

Anna I.

Cannot recommend enough! They were SUPER responsive, quick, helpful--you don't get this type of service anymore anywhere. I'll post photos.

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How about creating and printing your own newspaper? The first step is clear: creating your content. You’re done? Perfect. Now, you have to find a reliable and affordable printer. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to online printing for their newspaper printing. Why don’t you?

Why should you print your newspaper online?

Online printing is the easier way to get your newspaper quickly. At the office, on the subway, before your morning jog... only a few seconds are needed to order your newspaper. Always busy? Don’t hesitate anymore: it’s an easy way for you to save time.

More than online printing, you should consider digital printing for your newspaper. With this method, no need to replace printing plates as on a traditional printing machine. Digital printing enables you to have your newspaper quicker and with a lower production cost. Digital printing allows more flexibility so you can easily print a small amount of newspapers at an affordable price. This is also an environment-friendly process. Digital printing on demand reduces paper waste and uses water-based inks.

You’re still hesitant about printing your newspaper online? Feel free to use one of our pre-designed templates, available on our website. No need to be an expert, clean your mind and let us guide you.

How to choose the size of your newspaper?

First, go on a newspaper print website such as PRINTNEWSPAPER and look at prices. It enables you to choose the features of your newspaper: size, number of pages... The site gives you an estimated price for your newspaper printing instantly.

This is also the moment to choose your newspaper print size. There, you have two choices:

  • TABLOID newspaper is the most popular size. This format is really appreciated by readers and publishers. Easier to read, affordable to print, it's the perfect compromise. Make your newspaper easy to read by using tabloid size.

  • BROADSHEET newspaper is the largest size. Really appreciated by artists or creators of original newspapers. Spread your message with impact and strength!

Why print a newspaper?

Even if digital age makes people more interested in online newspaper size, there are some good reasons why you should consider newspaper print.

You can't replace the feeling of opening and turning the pages of a newspaper. The reading experience is improved. Newspaper print is more powerful to share your ideas, whatever the aim of your newspaper.

Let's take examples to explain why you should print your newspaper:

Newspaper print for school uses (internship report...). In this context, a newspaper gives strength to your words. Make an original presentation of your work. Newspaper for clubs can be used to show your commitment.

Promote your company with an original product. Send your newspaper to your clients and partners. Build a strong and long-term relationship. A newspaper enables you to communicate about your company while making your brand image strong. Keep the same colors, tone and font in order to win your client's loyalty and be instantly recognized. For personal use: newspaper print for weddings, birthdays, birthdays... Share the very best moments with your family and friends with a printed newspaper.

Why print with PRINTNEWSPAPER?

You need an irreproachable quality newspaper? PRINTNEWSPAPER already helped thousand of customers around the world to create their own custom newspapers. Moreover, we provide a sustainable printing, whatever the printing volume you'd like. We are eco-friendly. Our newspaper printing process use water-base inks. The paper is also highly recyclable.

PRINTNEWSPAPER also offers you a great expertise: we print newspapers every day for 50 international famous editors.

In addition to quality, we are trying to keep you satisfied with short delivery time. We print and send your newspapers by express carriers so you can receive your paper within a few days..

You don't have much time to spend creating your own newspaper? Don’t worry, we can use one of our templates. Newspaper is a support you can't avoid for your school presentations, brand image or wedding invitation. Choose this eco-friendly format.

newspaper template

Newspaper templates

Browse our newspaper templates

Create your own newspaper template

In order to create your own newspaper, we provide InDesign newspaper templates. You can also use the software of your choice to design your newspaper, such as Scribus, Word and many others. Then, export it as a PDF file in order to start printing your newspaper.

Newspaper template

In order to print your newspaper, your PDF needs to meet a few specifications.

A few newspaper templates are available on our website to help you start quick and easy. These templates are made for InDesign, but you can use the software of your choice to design your newspaper. In order for your document to be printable, you need to make sure that the height and width of your newspaper matches the newspaper size you chose. Keep in mind that we need 10mm white margin on top, bottom and left/right edge of each page. You can also print posters, the inner edges of each spread doesn't need any margin.

You now have a full freedom to design your newspaper!

Before making your newspaper, take 10 minutes to read our online guide on the 'DOCS' tab. This guide can help with common questions about prices, delivery times, design specifications etc. If you have any question, we are happy to help, send us an e-mail!

Newspaper printing

Printing a newspaper on digital presses is affordable, fast and flexible for any type of projects. We both print small and medium runs, from 1 to 1000's copies.

Newspapers are great for many projects, but not for all. We print for photographers and illustrators with an excellent level of quality. However it's important to keep in mind that the newsprint is thin, and the max ink coverage does not allow to provide true deep blacks. The paper is slightly yellow, such as newspapers sold at kiosks.

Printing a newspaper also requires to cut and fold the sheets of newsprint. The folding process have a high precision, and provide a nice and precise fold without any glue or staples.

The conditions under which we print the newspapers are very stable. We use the same ink, paper and color management software in order to provide a predictable and reliable result.


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