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Daily prints, postage is included

From printing to mailing, processing times are short.

newspaper mailout
This documentation relates to the mailout service only.
UPS delivery time simulator is available here.

Delivery times depends on the country you plan to mail your newspaper.

By default, we provide a standard mailing contract for a delivery within 4 days in France, 6 days in Europe, 10 days in the USA/Canada and 15 days in the rest of the world.

If you're in a rush, we can provide a high-priority contract, that reduces the delivery times to 1 day in France, 3 days in Europe, 8 days in the USA/Canada and 12 days in the rest of the world.


Mailed newspapers are printed and shipped every Wednesday.
If you expect your mailings to be recurring or over 1.000 copies, you can ask for a dedicated printing time slot and postal contract.

Mailings are sent via sorting centers dedicated to newspapers, so they will be handled in good conditions.

We have identified that 96% to 99% of newspapers are delivered without any deterioration, depending on the country.

In order to improve the delivery rate of your newspaper, avoid adding another address on the address page. The only visible addresses needs to be the recipient address and the return address on the top left corner.

Good practices

How to manage non-delivered newspapers?

You'll find below good practices that will allow you to increase the delivery rate of your newspaper mailings.

  1. By default, newspapers are mailed using a 'PRIORITY' postage. For Europe and the USA, it means that newspapers will reach mailboxes 4 to 10 days after the postal deposit. About 95% of newspapers are delivered within these timelines. It can takes a few extra days for isolated destinations.
  2. Non-delivery rate is highly dependant on the quality of the mailing list you have prepared. Non-delivery can occur for multiple reasons. Wrong zipcode, recipient has moved, name not clearly displayed on the mailbox, postman turnover etc.

Usually, about 1% to 3% of newspapers are not delivered for the reasons explained above - assuming the mailing list quality is good.

In order to improve the delivery rate, you can:

  1. Add a return address at the top left corner of the address zone, below your logo. The return address is not mandatory, and only available for the 'half-page address' area. (see address area)
  2. Non-delivered newspapers will be returned to your office, so you will be able to know why and contact the recipient, fix the address, ship a new copy and update your mailing list.
  3. If the new copy is still non-delivered, the recipient can go to the post office to ensure that the postman have correctly identified the mailbox.

You can re-ship copies when you need, as you're able to order from only 1 copy at no extra cost - your mailed newspapers will be print and shipped the following Wednesday.


If you plan to mail newspapers in France, you need to get an ISSN number.
It's a free process, accessible from the French National Library:
Not having an ISSN number for the first issue is not a problem, you can create your account and fill 'Pending' in the ISSN field.


If you plan to mail newspapers in Belgium, you need to ask an approval number to BPOST (Belgian Post). You can ask this agreement by emailing
Then, you can fill the 'message' field of your mailing list with your approval number, using this pattern: 'N° AGREMENT: PXXXXXX'.
We decline all responsibility in the event of non-compliance with this regulation.


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