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Newspaper design


If you need to print more than 48 pages, you can prepare and order multiple booklets.

We don't use glue or staples on the newspaper finishing line. You can rearrange booklets according to your needs.

Example with a 72 pages newspaper:

You can plan to print two 36 pages booklets (or 32 and 40, 28 and 44 etc.)

Two options are available:

1. Keep the two booklets separate, like the Sport, TV or Economics supplements that you will find in the newspapers sold on newsstands. You just have to build your PDFs as two distinct newspapers.

2. Group two booklets into a single newspaper: you need to build an enclosing section and an inside section.

- The enclosing section contains the beginning and the end of your newspaper: pages 1 to 18 and 55 to 72.

- The inside section contains the middle of your newspaper: pages 19 to 54.

Then, you'll be able to gather the two sections. The inside section completes the enclosing section at its centrefold.

Download examples:

Inside Section Enclosing Section


  • If you place multiple orders the same day, we'll group your prints in order to provide a discount. This discount is automatically applied on your cart.


You can print old newspapers from a scanned document.

In order to prepare your file for print, we recommend to increase contrast until the background gets white.

The result you should get:

old newspaper

Then, fade the edges to get them disappear:

old newspaper

Group your pages into the same PDF file.

Your old newspaper is ready for print!

Here's an example:

old newspaper


You can add a background color to your newspaper.

Keep in mind that margins needs to stay empty, or with a very light tint.

We usually recommend to fade the edge of your background to let margins white.

Here's an example:



It's possible to print multiple double-page spreads in the same newspaper.

Here's an example:


For example, you can print a 12-page newspaper and pull apart into 6 spreads on 3 different sheets of paper.

Here is the detail of a 12-page newspaper:
Sheet #1 - Front side: Pages 12 and 1 (page 12 to the left, page 1 to the right)
Sheet #1 - Back side: Pages 2 and 11
Sheet #2 - Front side: Pages 10 and 3
Sheet #2 - Back side: Pages 4 and 9
Sheet #3 - Front side: Pages 8 and 5
Sheet #3 - Back side: Pages 6 and 7

To make sure the posters are clean, ensure that the inner edges of each page have no central margin or gutter and that they come together, while maintaining a margin on the outer edges of the spread.

Here's a 12 pages newspaper that contains 3 one-sided posters:
Download the PDF template

Newspaper spread template


We manage page imposition, so that your newspaper has its pages in reading order.

For some advanced customers, it may be useful to get details on how page imposition is made.

Here are examples of page imposition: :

newspaper page imposition


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