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We print newspapers from 1 to 1000's copies thanks to digital printing technologies. Shipping is included !

Print my newspaper

Inkjet newspaper printing is perfect for short and medium runs at an affordable price. Printing a newspaper is now possible for everyone, starting at 1 copy! helps you print your newspaper thanks to guidelines, quick online ordering service and live tracking.

Every night we print 80 press titles sold through newsstands. We print your newspapers on the same ink-jet presses. This ensures that you get the same quality as publishers of the major newspapers.


1. Design your newspaper as a PDF file

We invite you to read our design guide, which contains the guidelines you will need to design your newspaper. It takes about 10 min to read, it's a very helpful tool.

2. Start printing

Once your PDF file is ready, upload it to your account. Your newspaper is checked automatically by our platform in order for you to fix possible problems.
Provide the recipient address and confirm your order. Your newspaper is sent to our factory for printing as soon as we have your confirmation!

3. Delivery

We print every day and ship around the world, by UPS. You can expect to receive your newspapers within 3 to 6 business days after your order confirmation. For large orders - 1000+ copies - we recommand allowing an extra day to be safe.

Newspaper printing line:

newspaper printing plant

Our factory

  • Two Kodak VL4200 ink-jet presses
  • Two Hunkeler finishing lines
  • Full-color print, 600 x 600 dpi definition
  • Up to 7,000 copies per hour


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