Newspaper design

We help you create and print your newspaper.

You'll find tips to design your pages, spreads and sheets before printing your newspaper.


A page is one side of a folded sheet of paper. Here's an example:

Newspaper page template

Newspaper finishing lines require a minimum thickness. In order to provide a precise fold, we ship 4-page newspapers grouped by 3.
We ship 8-page newspapers grouped by 2 for quantities below 500 copies.


A spread is two facing pages - one left-hand page and one right-hand page. The central spread is on the same sheet of paper while other spreads are on separate sheets.

Here's an example of a spread :

Newspaper spread template

Spreads can be used to make posters. It's called a double-page spread. Artworks can be printed right across the page with no central margin or gutter.
Here's an example of spread on a single sheet of paper :

Newspaper spread template


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