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Our printing process is eco-friendly.

newspaper printing


Our newsprint is made up for half of recycled paper. The other half is from sustainable forest from Europe.

Having our newsprint made of only half recycled paper reduces the use of bleaching agents, which are polluting.

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Usually, newspaper printers are using solvents in order to get better colors.

We have chosen to use water-based solvent-free inks. Consequently, inks migrates into the paper and reduce color intensity.

This is why we use a thicker 60 gram paper which allows to increase ink coverage. With this newsprint, we get intense colors without solvents!

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Traditional printing requires engraving plates for each CMYK color.

In order to get precise color alignment, hundreds of copies are printed and trashed.

With our digital printing technology, color alignment is automatic. It avoids any paper waste

It's the reason why we can offer to print only 1 copy at an affordable price!



Paper is mostly made of carbon. This carbon have been taken from the atmosphere by trees.

As we don't use gas drier, the only source of power of our factory is electricity.

Electricity we use is 97% carbon neutral*.

Source: Electricite De France


We offer two shipping services: UPS delivery and mailout.

Carbon footprint for UPS delivery depends on your location. You will find a practical case below.

For mailouts, newspapers are using existing postman round. Adding an additional newspaper emits a low amount of CO2.


For example, a single copy of a 40 pages Broadsheet contains 280 grams of carbon dioxide, and newsprint manufacturing has emitted 88 grams.

This newspaper sequester 192 grams of carbon dioxide (280 - 88).

Mailed newspaper: ≈190 grams of CO2 sequestered

The newspaper is using an existing postman round.

UPS delivery to 2.000km: ≈150 grams of CO2 sequestered

The average distance of the orders we ship is close to 2,000km.

Modern trucks emit 105 grams of CO2 per kilometer for one ton of freight. The carbon footprint of delivery for your newspaper is about 40 grams.


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