Newspaper printing is appreciated by schools for different uses: open house day, collaborative projects, internal communication...

Your newspapers are printed and delivered within a few days. It's an affordable way to keep track of significant events.

Graphic design or journalism schools can celebrate alumni and recruit new students by printing their students artworks, or making their own newspaper. Other types of schools often make a newspaper with value added content in order to present their courses and programs.

On top of this, working on the creation of a newspaper is also a good opportunity for students to practice their skills since it requires an understanding of the specifications to build a ready-to-print PDF (technical margins, page size and page order).

It also requires to understand inkjet technologies: the file must be converted to CMYK for better color rendering with Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black inks. Even using a specific ICC profile for the most demanding uses.

How to make your school newspaper?

Preparing a school newspaper is a great way to showcase the creativity and talents of your students, as well as keeping the school community informed about the latest news and events. Here's a tutorial on how to create a newspaper for your school:

Step 1: Choose the newspaper size: You can choose between tabloid or broadsheet size for your newspaper. Tabloid is smaller and easier to handle, while broadsheet is larger and more traditional. Then, decide on the frequency: Determine how often the newspaper will be published, whether it's monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Step 2: Choose the editorial team: Select students and teachers to form an editorial team responsible for creating content, designing the newspaper layout, and managing the production process.

Step 3: Plan the content: Brainstorm ideas for articles and sections that would be of interest to your readers. Consider including features on class projects, student work, school news, interviews with teachers and students, and opinion pieces.

Step 4: Review and edit: The editorial team should review and edit each article before publishing to ensure accuracy, clarity, and readability. Create a template for the newspaper layout, including section headings, columns, and fonts. Use software such as Adobe InDesign and pick templates from our library.

Step 5: Print and distribute: Once the newspaper is complete, print and distribute it to the school community. Consider posting it on the school website or social media platforms for wider distribution.

Creating a school newspaper can be a fun and rewarding experience for both students and teachers. It's an excellent opportunity to showcase the creativity and talent of your students while keeping the school community informed about the latest news and events.


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