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Newspaper printing is an industrial process designed to be quick and affordable.

Optimize your PDF to get the best result on paper.


Digital printing is an industrial process which offers newspapers at an affordable price. It's quick, flexible and reliable.

Digital printing is perfect for small and medium runs of newspapers.
Our factory is eco-friendly, we use solvent-free inks and recyclable paper.

Newsprint is thin and the maximum ink coverage is limited. The print quality is not as sharp as magazines or photo books.

Your newspaper will look great if you have these guidelines in mind. We also allow you to get a free sample when creating your account, in order for you to have your hands on a newspaper.


Newspaper printing is an industrial process. Newspaper printing and finishing lines are very precise.


  • Color overlap: ~ 0.1 mm
  • Cutting sheets: ~ 0.1 mm
  • Stacking sheets: ~ 0.1 mm
  • First fold: ~ 1 mm
  • Second fold: ~ 2 mm


We print your newspaper by adding 4 inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK). Each color overlap with each other, with a precision of a tenth of a millimeter.

In order to make your texts sharp and good looking, we recommend to use a pure black. Four-color black fonts may look blurry.


  • Use pure black for all black texts.
  • Use a bold font for white texts over a solid-color background.


Printheads gather several inkjet modules. Sometimes, a gap of a tenth of a millimeter can occurs between two modules. This phenomenon is nearly imperceptible to the naked eye.

newspaper printing newspaper printing


An inkjet press print while paper is moving. Banding can occur during the paper travel under the printheads. It's noticable over large areas of flat color.

Bandings are more visible when printing a primary color because only 1 printhead is used. Using a mix of several inks for an area of flat color fades the banding effect. For example, a 100%K flat area is more likely to have banding than a 100%K / 30%C / 30%M / 30%Y four-color black.

Here's an example:

Newspaper page template


  • Avoid large areas of flat color if you don't want to see any banding.
  • If you have large areas of flat color, try to use different primary colors in order to fade the banding effect.


Your newspaper is printed on a paper roll, and mounted on a finishing line in order to cut, stack and fold the sheets of your newspaper. We don't use staples or glue.

For newspaper having 44+ pages, some small creases can appear on the central pages. This is due to the thickness of the newspaper.


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