We print your newspaper on real newsprint

The 60gsm newsprint we use is perfect to get a real newspaper with great colors.

We use a 60gsm newsprint, brighter and heavier than standard newsprint. It's an improved newsprint, which enables us to increase the ink coverage of your prints.

However, the 60gsm newsprint is a bit off-white and very thin, so we can't print true deep blacks. That's why clear and contrasted images really stand out.

Our improved newsprint is really great for artistic or promotional projects:

Newspaper page template


Newsprint is an atypical type of paper due to its thinness and off-white color. In order to take advantage of it, keep in mind that newspaper printing is designed for economy and speed.

Thanks to improved newsprint, the newspapers we print are both high-quality and original for editorial and graphic design projects.

You can now print your own newspaper at an affordable price and expect delivery within a few days.



Type: UPM Cote matt
Finish: Matt
Basis Weight: 60gsm
Bulk: 1cm³/g
Brightness: 80%
Certificates: FSC® and PEFC™ | ISO 50001 | European eco-friendly label | FSC Chain-of-Custody | PEFC Chain-of-Custody | EMAS | ISO 9001 | OHSAS 18001 | ISO 14001


- Finish: Newsprint finish refers about the paper coating. Many types of coatings are available, newspaper paper is mainly matte.
- Basis Weight: The weight of newsprint paper is usually between 42 and 60gsm. GSM stands for Grammes per Square Metre.
- Bulk: The bulk of a paper refers to the stiffness. The higher the bulk, the stiffer it is.
- Brightness: The higher the number, the brighter it is. Brightness is important for getting strong contrasts.
- Certificates: Certificates are useful to ensure that environmental norms have been respected in manufacturing the newsprint.


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