We've helped hundreds of young couples make their own wedding newspaper for this special day.

A wedding newspaper is quite different from a classical invitation card. It's taller, wider, and allows you to customize every inch of it - to make it look like a real newspaper, with large areas to fill-in with your texts & pictures.

You can include a program, a map, crosswords, the weather forecast, like all the newspapers you find on the news stand.

In order to help you design your newspaper easily, we provide ready-to-use wedding newspaper templates, made for InDesign and Canva.

Even if you don't have any idea about how to make your newspaper, we provide guidelines and you will be able to build it from the software of your choice.

How to make your wedding newspaper?

Are you getting married soon and looking for a unique way to create a keepsake for your guests? Why not create a wedding gazette that includes crossword puzzles, the weather forecast for the bride and groom, an event program, and an access card? Here's how to prepare your wedding newspaper in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Decide on the content. Think about what you want to include in the newspaper. Some ideas could be a crossword puzzle, a weather parody, an event program, and an access card.

Step 2: Choose a layout in our newspaper template library or start a new one. Consider how you want your newspaper to look. Will it be four, eight, twelve pages? Will it be a tabloid or broadsheet newspaper?

Step 3: Create your content. Write out your crossword puzzle clues and answers, create a funny weather parody, design your event program, and prepare your access card. Make sure to double-check all of the information for accuracy.

Step 4: Design the newspaper. Use a newspaper template or design your own layout. Keep in mind that newspapers have different sections, so make sure to label each section accordingly.

Step 5: Add photos and graphics. To make your newspaper more visually appealing, add some photos and graphics. You can use pictures of you and your partner, your wedding venue, or any other relevant images.

Step 6: Proofread and edit. Before printing, make sure to proofread and edit your newspaper. This is especially important for the crossword puzzle and event program sections to ensure there are no errors or typos.

Step 7: Once you're happy with your design, export it as a PDF, order the number of copies you need and distribute them to your guests. You could place them at each table setting, or have them available at a designated area for guests to pick up on their way into the event.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and have fun creating your newspaper!


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