newspaper template

Design your own newspaper

Make your own newspaper from scratch is possible!

Choose the format of your newspaper

Before designin your newspaper, make sure to choose the right format.

Tabloid is the most common size, it's great for all uses, and all type of projects.

Broadsheet is the largest newspaper available, perfect to enhance your creativity and highlight pictures, artworks or messages.

Editing software

Several softwares are available to make your own newspaper. Here is our selection:

InDesign: We recommend InDesign to make your newspaper. It's the best software for advanced users, it's perfect to make a clean and professional template.

Scribus: Scribus is open-source, free and quite exhaustive. It's a great software for clubs or schools. However, Scribus have some limits for advanced users.

Illustrator / Photoshop: These Adobe softwares are not publishing oriented. However, you can use them in order to design your newspaper, PDF export is well managed.

Word / Publisher / Pages: You can use a word-processing software in order to template your newspaper, but you won't have as many options as Scribus and InDesign.

Template the cover of your newspaper

You can base your work on the main newspapers you know to template your own.

The cover of a newspaper has a big title - and a specific font. A reminder based on the content of the newspaper is under the title.

Here's an example:


You can also add one or several pictures and a banner:


Template your newspaper articles

If you make your custom templates and articles, your newspaper will match your identity.

In order to make it easy and readable, you can fit your texts into 2 to 5 columns. Set the initial letter with a bold font, and punctuate your texts with illustrations.

To make your texts readable, avoid using less than 7 or 8 pt fonts.

Here's an example of a template mainly filled with text:


If you want to get a readable white text on a colored background, be sure to use a bold font.

If you have more pictures than texts, you can make a creative custom template for your article, here is an example:



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