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Every night we print 80 press titles sold through newsstands. As our printing presses are less busy during the day, we offer our customers to print their own newspapers through this website. We print your newspapers on the same inkjet presses. Now you can get the same product and quality as publishers of the leading newspapers.


360 days a year, we print 80 press titles sold through newsstands.


We launch PRINTNEWSPAPER, you can now order and get a real newspaper at an affordable price, starting at 1 copy.


We launch our mailing service, which allows you to send your newspaper to individual addresses in 40 countries.


We keep innovating and improving our printing service, to deliver top quality newspapers all over the world!

newspaper printing press
newspaper printing press

Our mission is to provide newspaper printing for small and medium runs both affordable and accessible.
Our team and industrial tools are at your disposal to print your newspapers!

— Benoit Minard, Founder

Our team includes 8 printing and finishing machine operators. They print millions of newspapers every year from 30,000 different PDF files. Depending on your project, our team is able to provide a tailored service to meet the specific demands.