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Learn how to prepare your images to get the best result on newsprint.

Newspaper design


Photos and artwork choice are important for your newspaper.

For best results, choose balanced and contrasted images to make sure they really stand out.

Photos with mid tones and contrast between important details will stand out. Dark areas will be less contrasted on paper.

An image that is too dark will result in black ink being added on the whole picture. As a consequence, it will look dull.
A picture that is too light will have its inking limited below its full potential, resulting in a weakly contrasted outcome.

You can edit the exposure and contrast of your images to ensure a good range of mid tones.

Image too dark (left), balanced (middle), too bright (right):

image before image after image after


  • Choose clear images with contrast.
  • Definition between 150dpi and 600dpi.
  • Make sure that text and details contrast well with the background.


Our newspaper printing press uses CMYK inks (Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black) for color reproduction.

This means that your newspaper is made up of a blend of these 4 inks.

To ensure a better color rendering, we recommend to convert your file with the FOGRA39 CMYK profile ISOcoated v2.

The use of a CMYK profile will ensure color accuracy, whereas exporting in RGB (Red / Green / Blue) for screens will require a conversion to CMYK, providing less color control.

As you can see below, newsprint paper does not reproduce as much color as your screen. That's why it's important to balance images, convert them to CMYK, and if necessary, order free samples or a proof.

Color gamut:

image before


  • Exporting in CMYK will offer you better color control.
  • Colors appear less vibrant on paper compared to a digital screen.
  • Newsprint is thin, so we can't print a true deep black.


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